Aviation Resource Group offers a variety of consulting services to the general aviation market.

Sales and Acquisitions

Working for an agreed-upon flat fee instead of commission, ARG provides the aircraft buyer or seller with unbiased and fair representation. With 50 years of experience and a network of maintenance, insurance, and refurbishment specialists, ARG can streamline the sales or acquisition process – while always maintaining a primary focus on the needs of the client.


Aircraft Valuation

ARG founder Greg Hein has been actively involved in appraising aircraft for 40 years. His clients include most major aviation insurance companies, lenders, several government agencies, and many corporate and individual clients. He has determined the value of a wide spectrum of aircraft – from unique and historic collectables to modern corporate jets.


FBO Operations

As a principal of a full-service, fixed-base operation, as well as management experience with a multi-location Fixed Base Operations (FBO) and major aircraft dealer, ARG can provide real world insight into the operation and standards of FBO. These areas include, but are not limited to, air carrier (Part 135) flight school and rental operations. 



Flight Department Operations

ARG’s principal and affiliates bring a wide range of capabilities to assist in the management, formation, and operation of corporate flight departments. This includes ISBAO audits, safety officer consultation,  selection of personnel, and other areas for the safe and efficient operation of flight departments for both high-net worth individuals and corporations.


Litigation Support

A primary focus of ARG for several years has been litigation support. Greg Hein has been retained in numerous cases – providing consulting, investigation, and as-needed testimony for general aviation litigation. His broad experience has given him the tools to provide his clients with the insight and information to achieve positive results, either by settlement or trial. Pilot performance, aircraft value, and FBO standard and practice have been the primary areas where ARG has been retained. If other disciplines such as air traffic control, medical issues, and maintenance are required, ARG has talented and qualified affiliates to provide the assistance needed to form an effective litigation team.